The Business of Being Sather

About Us

The Sather family is made up of Dave (Daddy), Lizz (Momma), and the triplets: James (Mini Dave), Ethan (Mr. E), and Molly (Mimi). Dave is the ultimate Tech Man. If it has wires, chords, or plugs, he is your man. Lizz is a multi-tasker to the max. If you need something cooked or baked, kids taken care of, advice, need your nails done, or help getting healthy, she is your gal. If you need to run all day, laugh and play, he triplets are the way to go!!

More Stuff

Although having triplets can seem quite overwhelming just to think about, they have been a phenomenal blessing! Most people have 3 kids within their first 10 years of marriage. We did too, just all in one day.